Bad Relationships Episode #7 – “Bruce”

Boy is this a good story! Join us for the 7th episode of the Bad Relationships Podcast. The anonymous guest this week is “Bruce.” Then Cam and Jessica discuss his story, among other things. Intro music is used by permission of Jerry Hannan from the Mad Hannans. Other music is by Cameron Ember (“You Forgot What to Do” produced with…

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Bad Relationships Podcast Episode #6 – Cam and Jessica Take the Test

You can take the test too. There are no wrong answers! In fact, there are no answers, just 40 questions about sex and love “addiction.” Find out whether we pass or fail. Intro by Jerry Hannan from the Mad Hannans. Used by permission! Outro is fromĀ  “Winter in Our Hearts” by Cameron Ember’s band, Tiny Little Blackouts.

Bad Relationships Podcast Episode #5 – Alice Answers

Hi! In this episode we start with the regular musical intro from Jerry Hannan. Next, Cam talks about Amazon and world domination. After that, “Alice” shares her bad relationship story. Lastly, Cam and Jessica discuss the story from Alice. We hope you enjoy! Please contact us with any questions or requests!

Bad Relationships Episode #4 – Dale

In this episode Cam shares details of trying to hunt down more bad relationship stories. Please contact us if you have one to share! Next, Cameron and Jessica discuss a friend’s 3 dates with a younger person. After that, Dale tells us his bad relationship story. Lastly, Jessica describes an altercation at the chiropractor’s office and Cam and Jessica discuss…

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Bad Relationships Podcast #3 – Princess 1 of 27

Please subscribe on iTunes! Tell your friends! Thank you. Okay! Whew, this week’s episode was a struggle. Plus I have been worrying about how to get more stories and how to crank out a new podcast every week. I know that I wait for my weekly new episodes of My Favorite Murder. Their consistency is admirable, especially during the lonely…

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Bad Relationships Podcast Episode #2 – “You’re Too Nice”

I can’t remember how I posted the first episode, so I hope I don’t screw everything up! For this episode, recording happened thanks to Shaina Shealy and Eliza Smith from theĀ Snap Judgment studios in Downtown Oakland, so that was exciting. I saw Glynn Washington’s office. The episode starts with a story I remembered about a girl I used to know.…

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Bad Relationships Podcast #1 “Lucky”

Okay, in this episode, Jerry Hannan provided the theme music. I love it! Thanks Jerry. Jerry is a great singer/songwriter I met at an open mic night at Sausalito’s No Name Bar. Jerry announced that he was going to play a song that was in the movie “Into The Wild” called “Society.” That’s a great song too. Eddie Vedder covered…

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OK, enough of that. Time to Podcast!

I was writing a book about Bad Relationships. Then I was taking a class about writing a book about Bad Relationships. Somebody in the class told me I should do a blog and then create a page on Facebook and pay for ads. So I did all that, and I ended up with over 300 “likes” from the Philippines. User…

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