Bad Relationships Podcast #1 “Lucky”

Okay, in this episode, Jerry Hannan provided the theme music. I love it! Thanks Jerry. Jerry is a great singer/songwriter I met at an open mic night at Sausalito’s No Name Bar. Jerry announced that he was going to play a song that was in the movie “Into The Wild” called “Society.” That’s a great song too. Eddie Vedder covered it, so there.

Next, Cameron Ember and Jessica J talk about Cameron’s bad date. It was pretty bad. We then talked about some really gross stuff, but I deleted it. You’re welcome.

Then, mystery guest, “Trixie” tells her story. It begins in Berkeley in 1974? Trixie was 21 when she met this very handsome man at her Buddhist meeting. You know this isn’t going anywhere good.

Then Cam and Jessica talk about the implications of the story. And so on.

Produced by Cameron Ember and red wine consumption. Songs other than Jerry Hannan’s were written by Cameron Ember and can be found under her name and the names of her various bands: Tiny Little Blackouts, The Embers (not the surf-rock band, sorry), Ocean8, Sea Creature.

2 thoughts on “Bad Relationships Podcast #1 “Lucky”

  1. I don’t get it. I understand that when we’re young, we make mistakes, then continue to make mistakes, but not the same ones. I believe after 35, people know what the want and don’t want. red flags are now obvious. So, we can talk our heads off about the “whys”: like not having self-esteem, etc. but at this point, bc we’re conscious about it, we’re now just doing things out of habit. we all have bad habits, watchign too much tv, eating badly, procrastinating. relationships are just the same.
    choosing the wrong men is just a bad habit that we’re not willng to break, bc we’re scared of the unknown. Like any other habit or thought pattern, conscious behavior is the only way to break the cycle.ACTING differently, making decisions that go contrary to the bad habit. like exercise, eating right, getting sleep. you can talk about the whys all you want, but until you consciously decide to make different decisions, nothing will change. We all have baggage, reasons why we make bad choices. blah blah blah. just sit down, write out what you don’t want, what you want, and stick to it. it’s hard. but all diets are hard.

    1. Hm, maybe you are right, you don’t get it! Good points, but maybe in a different blog. I like to have more compassion for myself and for others. I guess I would say, “Easier said than done.” Also, some people just run into somebody who is bad for them AND a bad person, but that’s not THEIR fault. I’m staying away from victim-blaming.

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