Bad Relationships Podcast #3 – Princess 1 of 27

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Okay! Whew, this week’s episode was a struggle. Plus I have been worrying about how to get more stories and how to crank out a new podcast every week. I know that I wait for my weekly new episodes of My Favorite Murder. Their consistency is admirable, especially during the lonely holidy seasons.

This week, wait, I just edited the episode and I can’t even remember what’s in it.

First of all, can I complain about stupid iTunes?  I mean I can’t figure out how to get my podcast or my songs onto my iPhone any longer. It shouldn’t take an hour to troubleshoot. Otherwise, I would say it’s not an “improvement.”

This week I bought a Zoom H4n digital recorder, and it sounds pretty good, but then there is some sort of artifact on the recording. There’s digital noise of some sort. Sorry about that. I’ll try to figure out how to improve upon the sound quality. Also, I was using Descript.com to edit, which is a pretty cool tool- it transcribes your audio, then allows you to cut the audio by cutting the text. I had some issues and drove the CEO to a near break down I think, and he implored me to either get on a video chat with him, or to please STOP using the service. Now THAT’S impressive customer service!

Enough Shop Talk. What’s in This Week’s Episode:

An introduction to the lovely co-host, Jessica J. Learn a little about her.

A story about “Princess” and her amazing Bad Relationship. “Princess” is not her real name.

Cam and Jessica discuss.

We read a blog comment from listener Anne-Marie and discuss.

Credits and Show Notes

opening song written and performed by Jerry Hannan. Used by permission. jerryhannan.com. Other music in this episode is “Make Me Stop” by me, Cameron Ember, though Anthony Koutsos is on drums, and Joe Rosato Jr. produced that track and played most of the instruments, including upright bass. Available on iTunes. Artwork by Karen Simon, my friend who lives in Germany.

We are seeking stories about your bad relationships, if you’d like to share them and if it isn’t traumatic for you to do so. Also, although we have focused on male-female, we would also love Queer stories, and of course any men who had a problematic relationship with a female. You can email us at badrelationpod @ gmail .com.

If you’d like relationship advice, I’m sure we would be willing to take a stab at that as well. You can email or we can setup a time to skype! Of course, you should not be taking any advice from us.

Ugh, the digital noise on this episode is so annoying! Sorry about that!

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