Bad Relationships #9 – “Leticia”

The intro music is by Jerry Hannan, thank you Jerry!

In this episode, we talk to Leticia about being too nice. Wait, didn’t we already do this episode? You know, once a therapist person I went on a sort of a date with told me I was “pathologically nice.” That term still echoes in my head. Was it an insult? Backhanded compliment?

Anyway, thanks to Leticia for being our guest and of course, that’s not her real name!

If you have a bad relationship story to share, please email us at badrelationpod@gmail.com

Thank you! If you don’t hear from us right away, or ever, it’s because we have been buried in an avalanche of responses!

Outro music is “Lamb44” by Cameron Ember performed by Tiny Little Blackouts: Cameron Ember, Anthony Koutsos, Michael Papenburg, Greg Merriman

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